The new year is well underway, and I'm sure that many of you, myself included, have made resolutions and goals for 2013. It east to make the resolution, but much harder to stick to it. This month's issue of the Beachbody newsletter has some great tips on how to make your commitment stick.

  • Plan ahead. Having a well thought out plan or goal is the best way to be successful. Jumping into something without the proper preparation can be more frustrating and difficult than if you write out your goals and know them before hand.
  • Shout it from the rooftops. Tell someone, or a group of people about your goals. Facebook has provided us with a great forum for accountability.
  • Strategize. Reaching your goal takes strategy. You have to have small steps in place  in order to reach the larger objective.
  • Think positive...but not too positive. It's important to admit that failure is possible. Make a Plan B in case you don't reach your original goal.
  • Know thy enemy. Don't bank on your self-control. Sometimes you will be more successful by avoiding the temptation entirely.
  • Reward yourself. Long term goals take time. It is wise to reward yourself along the way. But make sure that your rewards are in line with what your goal is. If losing weight is the goal, instead of eating a cake after working out all week, buy a new outfit you can't yet fit into. The reward is waiting when you've reached your goal!
  • Don't let setbacks derail you. You will mess up at some point. Instead of throwing in the towel for the day, salvage the rest of it and make good choices that get you to your goal from that point on.

I think the most important point of this whole article is accountability. Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat better, get out of debt...whatever your goal- accountability is key. Robert and I would love to help hold you accountable if you need it. Follow these links to our Facebook fitness pages, click LIKE and we can encourage one another in reaching our goals for 2013!

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