Every year about this time Robert and I go to a nice dinner and write down our goals for the upcoming year. We also look back on the ones we wrote down the year before. We have our own set of goals in categories of Faith, Fitness, Family, Financial, Business, and personal growth(ex..learn Spanish, take a cooking class). This year Robert and I are taking a free online class from my friend and mentor Chalene Johnson. I took this class August 2012, and it was this course that helped take my business from Diamond Rank to 2 Star Diamond while increasing my weekly checks by 45%. That's a nice raise!! This is not for Beachbody Coaches only. It's for anyone who has a goal he/she wants to achieve like new job, lose weight, increase your income, organize your house..whatever it is, join us and do this course. It's free what can you lose right?

Here is the link: 30 Day Challenge


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