We are heading into what can be a busy, stressful season for some people. If you haven't done them already, taxes will be due soon- a task that many consider quite an undertaking. Spring Break is in a few weeks. The kids will be home. Some of us may be taking vacations full of activity and travel. Sleep won't be a priority. In the most recent Beachbody newsletter, Denis Faye has a great article on sleep solutions. He is sure to point out that not all of these worked for him, but they can be modified to fit the individual. As you approach this busy- maybe sleepless- season, implement a few of these and see if you can reclaim the night!

1. Make your bedroom and electronics-free zone.

2. Work out at night.

3. "If you are not asleep in ten minutes, get up."

4. Set a routine bedtime.

5. No coffee after a certain hour.


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