It's so important during this tempting season to continue to remind yourself of ways to stay fit and healthy. When the treats call your name from the break room, or you find yourself at yet another holiday party, remember these tips to stay on track. -Write down what you eat. You are less likely to put a third cookie in your mouth if you have to write it down and be held accountable for it.

-Eat before parties. If you know you will be heading out to a party with lots of treats, eat a healthy meal before hand so you will feel satisfied and less likely to over indulge with sweets.

-Offer to bring a healthy option. There are so many great recipes out there for healthy snacking. You don't have to bring a dessert to a party- opt instead for a healthy dip or veggies.

Most importantly this season, don't stop exercising! It's so easy to use the holidays as an excuse to take a break, but you will find that it will be so much harder to start back up if you stop. Keep pushing and don't give up this holiday season!!!


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