I have just finished my second week of Insanity. This is the second time I've done the program and I'm finding it just as challenging and rewarding as the first time through! Everyday I am facing a new physical challenge, but I am persevering. One thing that is helping tremendously is accountability. I'm am working my way through this round with a couple of friends. Each morning we get together to push and encourage each other. Without them I would really be struggling to get out there each morning and get my workout done. Accountability is such a motivator. Once someone else knows and shares your plan for fitness it is hard to make excuses or back out. I want to encourage each of you to find an accountability partner. Make a commitment to one another to either work out together or check in with one another on a regular basis to see if you are making progress.  A great place to find accountability is in a Challenge group. I have new groups starting each month and would love for you to be a part of one! If you are interested, head over to my fitness page on Facebook and click LIKE! Contact me with any questions you may have!

Have a fit and healthy day,



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