Millions of Americans struggle with weight issues and dieting. So what does it mean to eat right or eat healthy? I can tell you right away that it’s not just about satisfying a craving because you feel hungry; rather, it’s more about providing fuel for your body.

Having a strong discipline is a huge part of it. I always tell people to wait two minutes. Just two minutes. With almost complete certainty the craving will go away, if it is just a craving. If it doesn’t go away then it may be time to eat. It is imperative to eat five to six meals a day. These must be reasonable meals so watch your portion control and keep your colors bright. What I mean by that is have less brown on your plate.  Go for more color. Eat things that you know will help, if you need energy use a complex carbohydrate, like whole wheat pasta or a sweet potato. Don’t shovel things into your body that are full of sodium, calories and bad carbs that will turn straight into fat and make you feel worse and leave you wanting more!

(Before we go on you might be wondering what bad carbs are because there’s good and bad carbs and the bad thing is that the bad carbs are the ones you probably purchase most. Bad carbs are the white rice, white bread, white flour. Avoid refined flours and sugars. Go for the wheat and whole grain products for good carbs.)

I’m telling you that if you eat the right things you get that "full" feeling and be able to keep those cravings to a minimum.  Avoid fast food!  Avoid the sodas and sweets!  Every once in a while it’s okay to indulge a small bit but if you want real results you need to commit and just do it for yourself. You don’t need a fancy diet you saw in some magazine or on a morning show. Just commit yourself and get it done. If you need someone to help you with your decision making and some guidance then that’s cool too. We have a passion for helping people better themselves and we are here to help you for free! If you ever have any questions at all about dieting, nutrition, working out, etc.. we can help and are glad to! Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, shoot us an email or just comment here! Good luck!

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