There are a lot of people out there who think Beachbody is some sort of scam or pyramid scheme.  Through our experiences with Beachbody, Melissa and I can, with complete confidence, tell you that it’s not. Really, life is what you make of it. As with everything in life, you have people around you that bring a lot of negativity, no matter what you do.  You have to choose whether you listen to them, whether you let them bring you down, or if you make your own decisions and do what it takes to be successful. 

Case in point, we have a close friend named Michael who’s just getting started with Beachbody. His father isn’t very supportive and keeps telling him to be careful because he may get burned; that it may be some sort of pyramid scheme.  Well, I can tell you that if he decides that he is going to do this full out and commits to staying the course; plus, if he follows what Melissa and I tell him to do, he will not only be successful in helping himself, he will help many, many others as well.

    We get emails from customers and Coaches on a weekly basis, thanking us for all the help and guidance we have given them but honestly, they should be thanking themselves!  They are doing all the hard work.  Yes, a person needs to surround him/herself with positive people but what it boils down to is whether or not he/she is committed to do what it takes to make the change. With hard work and dedication comes success.  No matter what.  There are no shortcuts!

    I haven’t always been a Beachbody success story myself. I’ve only been involved with Beachbody for five years but through hard work, dedication and with my wife Melissa at my side, we have built ourselves quite a life out of this business by helping hundreds of people change their lives for the better, both physically and financially.  It is our mission to help people reach their goals and lead more healthy, fulfilling lives.  So, if you think it's a scam by helping people, well, I question what a scam is.  The proof is in the pudding, so they say.  Look up Beachbody success stories and tell me if that is a scam or not.  People helping people... that's Beachbody.

     If you think you might be interested in learning more or becoming a part of our team we are here and always willing to answer questions! We will help you in any way we can so you can achieve all you want to achieve.  So give it a shot!  Shoot us an email, catch us on Facebook or Twitter or simply just comment on this article.  Bring it!


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