We are all about efficiency and results and I’ve got a tip that can help you get the most out of your recovery/workout shake. Yes, the shake. Those of us that use shaker cups know they’re a good tool for mixing your workout drink. It was brought to my attention the other day that there’s even a right and more efficient way of mixing. There is the ever popular method that everyone uses where you just pour it all in, put the mixer-grate on top and then shake. We know that can leave some chunks and take away from the experience. I know it may sound trivial but get this, if you add the ice (of course make sure it’s crushed ice because it will actually make the liquid colder faster) and water up to the bottom of the grate and then put the powder on top and then shake it. You’ll get the best results every time. No chunks, all taste. That’s a grate shake technique. One of my favorite summer time smoothies is chopping half a banana, a couple cut up strawberries, crushed ice, almond milk, and of course a scoop of whey protein. Blend and enjoy. Great fruity taste with the bonus of protein. You could also make it more kid friendly by substituting the whey protein for a packet of stevia. 

Comment with your favorite smoothie/drink/shakeology recipe for a chance to win a free mixing cup pictured above!!

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