Oprah Loves Shakeology

The editors of O, The Oprah Magazine are featuring Shakeology and an in-depth profile of it’s co-creator, our very own Darin Olien, in the upcoming May 2011 issue. This is so exciting  because I LOVE and truly believe in Shakeology!!!  Now millions will understand why I am so passionate about this product.  The full article can be found below. :)  OMGosh I just can't believe this!!!  If you want a sample of this amazing shake, just message me at melissa@monsterhomefitness.com  I will send you a free sample! 

O’s Editor-In-Chief traveled to Peru and got an up-close and personal look at the superfoods and premium ingredients that make Shakeology The Healthiest Meal Of The Day!

From the May 2011 Edition of O Magazine

Oprah… Meet Shakeology creator and O’s editor in chief travels to Peru to experience a trove of life-giving superfoods that just might revolutionize your view of nutrition.  

Sorry, but I had to remove the article from this blog but you can read the full article on Shakeology and it's amazing contents in the newest issue of O Magazine... May issue 2011. Find out how this product can help decrease your health bills.  

Remember, message me at melissa@monsterhomefitness to receive your free sample of Shakeology. 

Oprah Loves Shakeology

Oprah Loves Shakeology

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