The Insanity: Asylum Yes, I know what you may be thinking....ARE YOU CRAZY INSANITY IS HARD ENOUGH NOW THERE IS A SEQUAL??!!!  Well, Shaun T, creator of Insanity tells me that this workout isn't necessarily harder, it is just different.  It has the same intensity level and oh yes it is challenging, but it works on sports drills and training called Asylum.  You are going through drills as if you were a pro-football player, or on the USA olympic team.  You will get into the best shape of your life in as quick as 30 days!!  When Melissa and I started Insanity, we were blown away by the intensity. But then we realized that it was ok not to be able to do the whole workout the first day.  Yes, we were sore but were were shocked by the fact that we felt great and ready to do the second workout on day 2.  By the end of 30 days we saw results and that is what kept us pushing forward. If we got results already, what kind of results would we get after another 30 days?!?  Well because we completely believe in these workouts, we can not wait to start Asylum. It should arrive here today and we will start tonight. :)  We will update you and let you know how it is going but you will want to order your copy now to get in on the free product offer. See below. Also, we will offer you free coaching. We will be available to you to answer questions about the workout or your nutrition. We can help you develop a daily food guide so that you get the best results possible!!

FREE PRODUCT OFFER:   We here at Monster Home Fitness know you will feel a bit sore after starting this new workout program because your muscles are working hard.  So we are offering a week's worth of Results and Recovery Drink with every Asylum order purchased from our website.  Once we see your order in the system, we will ship out your Results and Recovery Drink. You will not need to do anything extra when ordering. :)  This offer is only available from this site and will only last until April 17th or until we run out of Results and Recovery Formula.  

Maximize your sports performance in just 30 days.

Start your winning streak with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM. Shaun T takes your skills and fitness up to elite status with sports-specific training and progressive drills inspired by pro athletes. During this 30-day program, he'll push you to build your speed, coordination, agility, and power. You'll be ready for game day—every day.

Preview Video Clip Of Asylum The Newest in the Insanity Workout series


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com