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T25 Workout Review!


I cannot say enough about FOCUS T25. I had the opportunity to be in the test group for this product. They wanted 20 people to use it and see what results they got before the product was released to the public. Well let me tell you I GOT GREAT RESULTS!! I am a 41 year old mom and I have had the hardest time losing weight every since 35 came and went. That was until I found T25!!


This program has changed how I look at fitness and nutrition. I worked out for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  With T25, every second counts because it's only 25 minutes. So you go hard for those 25 minutes and you are done!!! No weights or equipment is needed for this workout. It shipped with an exercise band and that was all I needed.  I went to Mexico and Las Vegas during the 50 days I was doing this program and still lost weight!!!! I took my program with me and did it in the hotel rooms and on the balcony of my condo.  I had no excuse for not doing it.  I waste more time on Facebook than I did working out each day.  NO EXCUSE!! T25 came with a nutrition guide that was simple to follow. Each recipe only had 5 ingredients in it. So it wasn't like I was at the grocery story trying to find weird unheard of items.  I also drank Shakeology...a vital key factor in getting my results. I drank it for breakfast each morning and also drank it for some dinners.  It was refueling my body with the energy I needed and it was a low calorie meal. It helped that it tasted great.

The T25 trainer is Shaun T, the same trainer that does Insanity and Asylum. He is great in this workout. The queuing is fantastic in it.  Very easy to follow.

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The idea behind FOCUS T25 is to give you a workout program that is only 5 days per week, only 25 minutes per workout, but that pushes you to the MAX during those 25 minutes so that you get an incredible calorie burn and amazing results with limited time.

Focus T25 is broken down into an “Alpha” phase and a “Beta” phase.  There are 12 total workouts =

Alpha Phase workouts:


Speed 1.0

Total Body Circuit

Ab Intervals

Lower Focus

Beta Phase workouts:

Core Cardio

Speed 2.0

Rip’t Circuit

Dynamic Core

Upper Focus

There is also a Stretch workout and the bonus workout Core Speed (if you order through a teambeachbody coach like me).

In the Alpha phase, you’ll build your foundation using just your body weight.  Plus, there is beginner and advanced levels so everyone can get it done.

After you spend 5 weeks building your foundation, it will be time to step it up with the Beta phase and focus on your core.  These workouts feature new dynamic moves to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle with an emphasis on your core so your abs get shredded too.  With Focus T25, you don’t waste a single second!  “Don’t stop when you’re tired.  Stop when you’re done!” – Shaun T.

Focus T25 comes with a workout calendar, nutrition guide, and resistance band.

I want everyone, especially moms to get these results. So I am starting a Focus T25 challenge group to help coach each mom through this program. I have one starting on July 1st an one on July 15th. If you want to be a part of this group, message me or comment below and I will add you. You must be willing to commit to yourself, the program and the challenge. You must purchase the T25 Challenge Pack that will include Shakeology (you pick your favorite flavor) and you must be my customer.  I have a discounted link that will save you over $60! I love a discount and I hate to pay for shipping so this will provide you with both.

If you have more questions, just message or comment and I will respond.

My husband is also doing a Focus T25 Challenge group, so men...you can get awesome results too!! Click on the BUY Button to connect you to the discount package.  

Let's get fit together!!

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1 Comment

If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Weight Loss Conundrums

There is nothing more frustrating than committing to a weight loss program and then finding out that you are still gaining weight. Steve Edwards, over at Team Beachbody, has a new article about common weight loss conundrums. Below are three of the five points that I found most interesting and relevant to my fitness.body-pump-group-1024x640 1. Cortisol. This performance enhancing stress hormone is present in your body for the "survival instinct". When you begin a new workout program, your body believes it is in survival mode until it adjusts to the demands of the program. So, you retain water to help rebuild muscle tissue. Once your body adjusts to the program, it will release less cortisol.

2. Under-eating. Some of Beachbody's programs have a kick-start eating plan in the beginning which asks that you not eat too much until you work yourself back up to a healthy eating plan. You may see weight gain during this time because of...you guessed it, cortisol. It's important that, while working out, you maintain a healthy eating plan so that your body does not think it's in survival mode.

3. The plateau. If you have been doing the same routine or workout for an extended period of time, you will stop seeing results. It's important to push past a plateau by adding resistance, increasing your intensity, or changing your workout program altogether.


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Exercise and Illness

Back in October, I got sick and was faced with the dilemma of whether or not I should continue my workout regimen. I had always heard that if the cold was in your head, continuing exercise was fine, but if it was in your chest it was best to rest. As we approach flu season, it's important to know how to handle illness and exercise. Steve Edwards wrote a great article in the most recent Beachbody newsletter that addresses this issue. In his article he gives a few pointers for what to do in regards to fitness when you come down with an illness.

Because our bodies use its recovery properties to fight illness, most of the time it is best to take a break from your fitness routine in order to allow your body to fight whatever is attacking it. Steve suggests increasing vitamin C and water intake the moment you feel like you are coming down with something. As the illness progresses, make sure to rest as much as possible-whether that is taking off work or missing out on a weekend party. It's also best during this time that you eat as cleanly as possible-no soda, sweets, or junk food. It can be better during this time to eat small meals throughout the day to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs without burning lots of energy digesting a large meal. When the illness has run its course, ease back into exercising- don't rush. Slowly working your way back up to the level you were at before you got sick gives your body time to acclimate.

Try to remember...as hard as it might be to skip out on some workouts, it is better for you in the long run to let your body rest and recover. It might even make you stronger on the other side!


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Halloween Encouragement

It's probably been awhile since you participated in the Trick or Treating of Halloween. But, now you are probably taking your kids. As kids, gorging on Halloween candy was looked forward to and fun. As an adult, it is not in your best interest to continue in that tradition. So, here's a few tips to get you through this sweetly tempting day:

-Snack on some healthy options. The photo above is a great alternative to a handful of FunSize candy bars. Add a little chocolate or caramel to a juicy apple and enjoy!

-When our children were little, we invented the Candy Fairy. After a night of Trick or Treating, the Candy Fairy would swoop in a take the excess candy while leaving a fun alternative, like a toy. This prevents the whole family from overdoing it for days after Halloween.

I hope these tips are helpful and that you and your family have a safe and healthy Halloween!



If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Les Mill Combat!


I am so excited about the new Les Mills COMBAT that comes out this December. It is available for pre-order TODAY!!! I did two of the workouts last weekend and in one 43 minute workout I burned 830 calories and in the next one that was 46 minutes long, I burned 900 calories! It was a BLAST and I wanted MORE!!! Order now for FREE SHIPPING and guaranteed shipping before Christmas. Please contact me for more info! 





If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


How Long Will Team Beachbody Continue - Carl Daikeler


Somebody asked me the other day how long I would keep working to build Team Beachbody if it doesn’t quickly meet my goal of a million coaches helping 100 million people.  The question is fair, but it shows a misunderstanding of my intent behind the effort to build the Team Beachbody Coach network.

It is not just about a means to grow the business. It is not a clever way to sell more product.

I believe that in over a century of declining health, we have found the way to get people healthy again:  Real Fitness + Real Nutrition + Peer Support + Financial Rewards.

It’s not an easy sell, because it takes work. It takes the realization that the least expensive way to stay healthy is to make sure that we’re feeding our body TRULY substantial nutrition. And it means that we can no longer expect anyone to exercise, eat better, and understand the difference between quality nutrition and pretend nutrition without the courage of someone standing up for it. Those who do put that together deserve to be well paid for it. And I see that formula getting people healthy every single day.

It’s not just about a new miracle fitness product. It’s not just about a simple way to cut calories. It’s not just about a business model that might or might not work.

The Team Beachbody formula is how people get healthy, regain their vitality, and achieve a healthy fulfilling life. Asking me how long I will keep promoting Team Beachbody is like asking Magellan how long he is going to tell people the earth is not flat, AFTER he sails around the globe. The earth is not flat. Whether everyone believes it or not.

Fitness + Nutrition + Peer Support + Financial Rewards = Success, whether a million people sign up to advocate it or not. Whether some people experience it but then decide to promote a gimmick to make a buck or not, there are no short cuts to real success and a strong metabolism. This is what I have seen work, so this is what I promote. Team Beachbody is here to stay. Whether it grows fast or grows slow.

There will always be a those of us who have made it our mission to Help People Achieve Their Goals To Lead Healthy Fulfilling Lives.

Are there faster ways to make money? Ask the fast food companies. Are there easier ways to sell weight loss? Just walk through the diet section of the grocery store. Is there another way to end the trend of obesity? No… It is Real Fitness + Real Nutrition + Peer Support + Financial Rewards = Success.  Team Beachbody is here to stay.


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Tony Horton was on Dr.Oz 10.31.11, see what you missed!

Tony Horton fitness guru was on the Dr.Oz show yesterday 10.31.11. He did a special 10 minute daily workout that's a quick and easy way to shed pounds and get toned.

This Miracle Plan is divided up into 3 Steps.

  1. 90-10 Diet
  2. Accountability Calender
  3. Working Out

Step 1:

The 90-10 Diet. Which is 90% healthy food and 10% not so healthy. Tony says its all about finding ways to make the healthy things taste good. "Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats. You know I don't like steamed vegetables either but ya know you put salsa on them and all of a sudden they taste good". You want to look down at your plate and see color. If you have 90% healthy meal then you can slip in half a brownie for dessert. 

Us here at Monster Home Fitness recommend the same. We follow his nutritional tips as well. Whole grain instead of white flour. Opt in for the Parkay fake butter instead of even the I Cant Believe Its Not Butter. Non-fat cheese and etc... If you actually make a list and think about what you're putting into your body and next time you go to the store if you actually buy the right (I mean healthy) ingredients/groceries then you'll start to make a difference.

Step 2: Be Accountable

Tony said, "I've been keeping this calender for over 30 years and I write down appointments with myself because my health and fitness is priority 1."

Write down your appointments and then at the end of the day cross them out and hope you have filled more than half the month. Some months Tony workouts 19 days in a row, some weeks only 5 times a week but that is the MINIMUM. No less than 5 days a week. 

Melissa and I try and workout every single day. Some days because of errands or just spending time with the kids we can't but I can tell you for a fact that we workout 5 days a week.

Step 3: 10 Min Workout

This is the 8 step 10min workout that Tony gives for this Miracle Plan to help lose weight and get toned.

#1 The Push Up Side Arm Balance

You want to do 8 of those each side. 

#2 30 Seconds of feet drills. 

Just 30 seconds of basic feet drills to get the heart pumpin.

#3 Fifer Scissors

We all know the P90X famous Fifer Scissors from Ab Ripper X

#4 Plyo Lunges x15

#5 Two Dog Push-Up. Tony combines upward dog and downward dog with a two step pushup.

#6 Hook-Upper Cut-Back Kick

#7 Abernome (think metranome but with your legs working your abs)

#8 Spider Man Squats

Basically a squat reach touch jump spin.

That's it! We don't all have time for 30+ minute daily workouts and I understand that. Before I was with Beachbody I was a firefighter working hard hours and I didn't have all the time I wanted but I made it work anyways. Sometimes you just have to make it happen if you want it bad enough.

Here are the video links so you can watch the videos for yourself as well.

Intro Video (about 4 mins)

The 10 Minute Miracle Plan with Tony Horton on Dr. Oz


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Enter the Beachbody Challenge for a chance to win $100,000!!!


STEP 2: Follow The Challenge Commitments!


  • I WILL FOLLOW THE PROGRAM -- Do the entire program as suggested, including workouts, beginning and monthly photos and measurements, the fit test, and nutrition based on the program guide or the Online Menu Planner available with a Club Membership
  • I WILL DRINK SHAKEOLOGY ONCE A DAY -- Preferably for a healthy breakfast, but any of the 5 meals will do... this is a much needed investment into my health and I am committed to doing this for the entire 90 days
  • I WILL POSITIVELY ENGAGE WITH THE SMALL GROUP - We all hold a valuable spot in this 5 person team, and we need all of us to do our part, to help, encourage, challenge, and praise each other on our Facebook challenge page and one on one via messages and phone.
  • I WILL LOG MY WORKOUTS IN WOWY SUPERGYM--  I can do this by going to www.teambeachbody.com, entering my email and password, and clicking on "WOWY SUPERGYM" on the left hand side of the page.  Logging my workout increases my accountability. And I may be eligible to win the random $500 Supergym prize.  HOW COOL :)
  • I WILL NOT OVERTRAIN --  For the next 90 days I will focus all of my excercise efforts on this program and not overtrain my body by adding additional workouts
  • I WILL SHARE MY ACTIVITY -  I will report Daily to the Challenge group page upon completion of my workout, and I will share how my eating was for that day.
  • I WILL SHARE MY PHYSICAL RESULTS -- I will begin by sharing my results with this small group and others who may ask me.  The more I share the more I give inspiration and gather support.  Posting photos is highly recommended as an accountability tool.
  • I WILL SHARE MY EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL RESULTS -  Along the way you will experience "life changes" on more than just a physical level.  It's important that you share your emotional and social results within this small group.  Chances are, others in the group are facing or have faced the same things.  TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
  • I WILL FINISH - I am making a 90 day commitment, and I am holding a valuable spot on a team of only 5 people.  It is my duty to myself and others to FINISH this 90 days!  I WILL NOT STOP SHORT!! AND I WILL NOT ALLOW THE OTHERS ON THIS TEAM TO STOP SHORT!! 


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com