I cannot say enough about FOCUS T25. I had the opportunity to be in the test group for this product. They wanted 20 people to use it and see what results they got before the product was released to the public. Well let me tell you I GOT GREAT RESULTS!! I am a 41 year old mom and I have had the hardest time losing weight every since 35 came and went. That was until I found T25!!


This program has changed how I look at fitness and nutrition. I worked out for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  With T25, every second counts because it's only 25 minutes. So you go hard for those 25 minutes and you are done!!! No weights or equipment is needed for this workout. It shipped with an exercise band and that was all I needed.  I went to Mexico and Las Vegas during the 50 days I was doing this program and still lost weight!!!! I took my program with me and did it in the hotel rooms and on the balcony of my condo.  I had no excuse for not doing it.  I waste more time on Facebook than I did working out each day.  NO EXCUSE!! T25 came with a nutrition guide that was simple to follow. Each recipe only had 5 ingredients in it. So it wasn't like I was at the grocery story trying to find weird unheard of items.  I also drank Shakeology...a vital key factor in getting my results. I drank it for breakfast each morning and also drank it for some dinners.  It was refueling my body with the energy I needed and it was a low calorie meal. It helped that it tasted great.

The T25 trainer is Shaun T, the same trainer that does Insanity and Asylum. He is great in this workout. The queuing is fantastic in it.  Very easy to follow.

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The idea behind FOCUS T25 is to give you a workout program that is only 5 days per week, only 25 minutes per workout, but that pushes you to the MAX during those 25 minutes so that you get an incredible calorie burn and amazing results with limited time.

Focus T25 is broken down into an “Alpha” phase and a “Beta” phase.  There are 12 total workouts =

Alpha Phase workouts:


Speed 1.0

Total Body Circuit

Ab Intervals

Lower Focus

Beta Phase workouts:

Core Cardio

Speed 2.0

Rip’t Circuit

Dynamic Core

Upper Focus

There is also a Stretch workout and the bonus workout Core Speed (if you order through a teambeachbody coach like me).

In the Alpha phase, you’ll build your foundation using just your body weight.  Plus, there is beginner and advanced levels so everyone can get it done.

After you spend 5 weeks building your foundation, it will be time to step it up with the Beta phase and focus on your core.  These workouts feature new dynamic moves to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle with an emphasis on your core so your abs get shredded too.  With Focus T25, you don’t waste a single second!  “Don’t stop when you’re tired.  Stop when you’re done!” – Shaun T.

Focus T25 comes with a workout calendar, nutrition guide, and resistance band.

I want everyone, especially moms to get these results. So I am starting a Focus T25 challenge group to help coach each mom through this program. I have one starting on July 1st an one on July 15th. If you want to be a part of this group, message me or comment below and I will add you. You must be willing to commit to yourself, the program and the challenge. You must purchase the T25 Challenge Pack that will include Shakeology (you pick your favorite flavor) and you must be my customer.  I have a discounted link that will save you over $60! I love a discount and I hate to pay for shipping so this will provide you with both.

If you have more questions, just message or comment and I will respond.

My husband is also doing a Focus T25 Challenge group, so men...you can get awesome results too!! Click on the BUY Button to connect you to the discount package.  

Let's get fit together!!

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