Newest Workout: P90X3  

Beachbody is coming out with P90X3 this Holiday Season!  

P90X3 is going to be a 30 minute intensive workout that will require focus and persistence, but in the end create fabulous results. The program will have 20 different workouts and last for 90 days. This program is unlike any other. Tony extracted the best of the best out of P90X & P90X2 to create P90X3. You just need 30 minutes and you are done for the day. 


 Eager to see what P90X3 is all about? Well good news, friends! 

You can see a sneak peak to P90X3 on October 20th in Dallas, Texas. 

Tony Horton is coming to Dallas to show us an exclusive preview to this new workout during an all day event. It is one that you CANNOT miss out on. The event will include 2 master class workouts, a Q&A session with Tony, Top Tips Presentations from Tony and Founding Beachbody Coaches, and much more... 

To sign up CLICK HERE!  




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