The holidays are upon us, and for most people, the biggest battle to fight is going to be against the enormous temptation to overeat. But, there is another, more silent threat to your health during the holidays: sleeplessness. This foe can come in many forms...stress over shopping or looming deadlines before vacation, the kids being home during the day and wanting to stay up all night, and of course the holiday parties that end late.

So, in preparation of this sleepless season, here are some great tips to help ensure a good night's sleep. And the best thing is that these tips can and should be applied to your life year round. Sleep is such a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle!

1. Exercise. It's so tempting to skip out on workouts during the holidays. But, exercise actually helps prepare your body for a good night's sleep.

2. Keep Things Quiet. Avoid falling asleep to the news or the Late Show. If necessary, invest in a good pair of earplugs!

3. Adjust the Lighting. Using blackout curtains or wearing a sleep mask can actually help you get better sleep by supporting your natural circadian rhythms.

4. Take a Bath. The bath helps to reset your body's internal temperature, allowing a period of cool down afterwards, which is the optimal time to sleep.

5. Time Your Caffeine. Try not to drink caffeine right before bed.

6. Try a Bedtime Drink. Warm milk with a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom might just do the trick.

7. Choice a Bedtime. And, stick to it! Your body needs the consistency in order to create good sleep patterns.

8. Try Some Aromatherapy. Lavender or chamomile are great herbs that calm and soothe our nervous systems. Try some oil in a bath or a scented candle as you wind down for the night.


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