All right, so everyone has their own excuses for not working out, but usually it's the same one... " I just don't have the time."  Well I’m here to tell you that if I can run a business, be a great husband and father to two boys (which includes taking them to practice and coaching their football teams) and I can still fit in AT LEAST one workout a day, then anyone can. 

I think you need to look at why you want to workout. The only person you should be doing this for is yourself. That will give you the most motivation. You should workout and do it for YOURSELF so that YOU can be healthy, so that YOU can feel better, so that YOU can be more confident. See, it's about YOU!

So it comes down to time management. Whatever it may be that’s preventing you from bettering yourself you need to get over that. If you’re realistic, you can really squeeze in at least a 30 minute workout. Granted, everyone may not have time for the hour plus Yoga X in P90X, but you can work up a good sweat and burn some calories in a 30 min workout. Whether it’s half of a P90X video, maybe it’s a couple Ten Minute Trainers or something else, just do something every single day that gets your heart rate up and will keep it there for at least 30 min. On top of that, try to eat as cleanly as possible.  Remember, 80% of the battle of the bulge is about diet and nutrition. You will never see the results of your hard work if your eating habits are poor.  So, what's it worth to you?  Are you willing to give up a little TV?  Are you willing to wake up a little earlier?  Are you willing to make small sacrifices so that you can feel better, look better and live longer?  The answer should be obvious.  Now, it's just your time to make it happen.  Let's get started!


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