Always work out in the fat burning zone.

The "fat burning zone” has a nice ring to it, right? Using this function on cardio machines keeps you working out at a slow, steady pace—around 60% to 70% of your maximum heart rate—and this low-intensity form of exercise is thought to help your body burn a higher percentage of calories from fat. (So if you burn 100 total calories, 60 of those may come from fat and 40 from carbohydrates in your body.) The problem? The total number of calories burned is the only thing that matters—not what type of calories—and working out at a low intensity ultimately burns fewer calories since you're not pushing yourself as hard as you should be. In order to maximize calorie burn (and, ultimately, fat loss) in less time, do high intensity interval training instead, says Schoenfeld. To try it, alternate one or two minutes of easy running (or pedaling) with a quick one-minute burst of speed (you should be breathing heavily at the end of the interval.) Repeat intervals for a total of 20 minutes, and do two to three interval workouts per week for the best results. Bonus: Studies show intense workout sessions stoke metabolism for up to 24 hours after you've left the gym, burning at least 100 extra calories throughout the day, Schoenfeld says.  (from yahoo.com/health)

I know I use to wonder about that "fat burning zone" area on the treadmill, thinking do I need to stay in that because I hardly sweat when I am in that zone.  But now after a few years of fitness training, I realize..NO you do not stay in that zone. You push your body. Your body can handle so much more than you give it credit for.  Try some interval training and watch your body get skinny.  Insanity is a great workout product that focuses on Interval training. The workout program is based on that alone.  Click on the link to check out more about Insanity.  Also see my Insanity review here on my blog, just a few posts below.  INSANITY WORKOUT REVIEW


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