You may be thinking, should I order that crazy workout I see on TV every morning called Insanity? Since we are  Team Beachbody Coaches, we like to try all the workouts when they come out so we can coach our customers to the best of our ability.  When Insanity arrived at our front door, we were excited to get started. Well let's just say the Dig Deep and Fit Test was so rough to say the least.  Now Melissa and I have both completed several rounds of P90X but Insanity was different.  It was challenging us in new ways.  The next day after the fit test, we were 7 minutes into the very first workout, Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  My heart rate was at 170 already and Melissa's was at 165...in the warm-up.  We then knew why Shaun T decided to call it Insanity.  This workout was no joke.  I knew that this was going to be a very high cardio workout program which was going to be great for our clients that wanted to be pushed hard and lose that body fat.  

Like all Team Beachbody workout programs, Insanity comes as a whole package.  You get 10 workouts, a complete nutrition guide, and a schedule, that is poster size, as to which workout to do on what day.  To me that is what is one of the key factors to keeping to a workout schedule. People go to the gym everyday not knowing exactly what they are going to do that day. They hop on the treadmill to do a warm up job, then they head over to the weight lifting area.  They look around, grab some dumbbells, put them in their little area they have claimed theirs, look for a bench to use. By this time their heart rate that they had up during the workout is now back down to normal. The fat burning has stopped.  Does this sound like you??  People wonder why they can go to the gym 4-5 times a week and are not getting the results they want. It is partly because they don't have a plan.  With Insanity, or any Team Beachbody workout, the plan (schedule) is right there for you to post on your wall. It takes all the guess work out of it.  

Melissa did a video right after own of her Insanity workouts.  The video quality is not the best, but her description is right on. Check it out.

Melissa\'s Insanity Review

We like to provide our clients with little extras that help them reach their fitness best, the body they have wanted for years.  We like to provide the motivation to keep pushing play (working out), the inspiration to strive harder, and sometimes just a little extra bonuses here and there. Well right now, we are providing our customers two free bonus workouts when they order Insanity.  There is a special link to get these free workouts.  Just click on the side Insanity box and you will see the free bonus workouts you get.  So stop thinking about whether you should order and just do it.  We have helped many of our clients through this program and they have had amazing results.  Melissa has clients who have lost over 50 lbs with this program.  They are fitting into jeans that they kept just because they thought maybe just one day they would fit into them.  

If you have questions, just message us and we would be happy to help you.  

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