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How Long Will Team Beachbody Continue - Carl Daikeler


Somebody asked me the other day how long I would keep working to build Team Beachbody if it doesn’t quickly meet my goal of a million coaches helping 100 million people.  The question is fair, but it shows a misunderstanding of my intent behind the effort to build the Team Beachbody Coach network.

It is not just about a means to grow the business. It is not a clever way to sell more product.

I believe that in over a century of declining health, we have found the way to get people healthy again:  Real Fitness + Real Nutrition + Peer Support + Financial Rewards.

It’s not an easy sell, because it takes work. It takes the realization that the least expensive way to stay healthy is to make sure that we’re feeding our body TRULY substantial nutrition. And it means that we can no longer expect anyone to exercise, eat better, and understand the difference between quality nutrition and pretend nutrition without the courage of someone standing up for it. Those who do put that together deserve to be well paid for it. And I see that formula getting people healthy every single day.

It’s not just about a new miracle fitness product. It’s not just about a simple way to cut calories. It’s not just about a business model that might or might not work.

The Team Beachbody formula is how people get healthy, regain their vitality, and achieve a healthy fulfilling life. Asking me how long I will keep promoting Team Beachbody is like asking Magellan how long he is going to tell people the earth is not flat, AFTER he sails around the globe. The earth is not flat. Whether everyone believes it or not.

Fitness + Nutrition + Peer Support + Financial Rewards = Success, whether a million people sign up to advocate it or not. Whether some people experience it but then decide to promote a gimmick to make a buck or not, there are no short cuts to real success and a strong metabolism. This is what I have seen work, so this is what I promote. Team Beachbody is here to stay. Whether it grows fast or grows slow.

There will always be a those of us who have made it our mission to Help People Achieve Their Goals To Lead Healthy Fulfilling Lives.

Are there faster ways to make money? Ask the fast food companies. Are there easier ways to sell weight loss? Just walk through the diet section of the grocery store. Is there another way to end the trend of obesity? No… It is Real Fitness + Real Nutrition + Peer Support + Financial Rewards = Success.  Team Beachbody is here to stay.


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com


Tony Horton was on Dr.Oz 10.31.11, see what you missed!

Tony Horton fitness guru was on the Dr.Oz show yesterday 10.31.11. He did a special 10 minute daily workout that's a quick and easy way to shed pounds and get toned.

This Miracle Plan is divided up into 3 Steps.

  1. 90-10 Diet
  2. Accountability Calender
  3. Working Out

Step 1:

The 90-10 Diet. Which is 90% healthy food and 10% not so healthy. Tony says its all about finding ways to make the healthy things taste good. "Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats. You know I don't like steamed vegetables either but ya know you put salsa on them and all of a sudden they taste good". You want to look down at your plate and see color. If you have 90% healthy meal then you can slip in half a brownie for dessert. 

Us here at Monster Home Fitness recommend the same. We follow his nutritional tips as well. Whole grain instead of white flour. Opt in for the Parkay fake butter instead of even the I Cant Believe Its Not Butter. Non-fat cheese and etc... If you actually make a list and think about what you're putting into your body and next time you go to the store if you actually buy the right (I mean healthy) ingredients/groceries then you'll start to make a difference.

Step 2: Be Accountable

Tony said, "I've been keeping this calender for over 30 years and I write down appointments with myself because my health and fitness is priority 1."

Write down your appointments and then at the end of the day cross them out and hope you have filled more than half the month. Some months Tony workouts 19 days in a row, some weeks only 5 times a week but that is the MINIMUM. No less than 5 days a week. 

Melissa and I try and workout every single day. Some days because of errands or just spending time with the kids we can't but I can tell you for a fact that we workout 5 days a week.

Step 3: 10 Min Workout

This is the 8 step 10min workout that Tony gives for this Miracle Plan to help lose weight and get toned.

#1 The Push Up Side Arm Balance

You want to do 8 of those each side. 

#2 30 Seconds of feet drills. 

Just 30 seconds of basic feet drills to get the heart pumpin.

#3 Fifer Scissors

We all know the P90X famous Fifer Scissors from Ab Ripper X

#4 Plyo Lunges x15

#5 Two Dog Push-Up. Tony combines upward dog and downward dog with a two step pushup.

#6 Hook-Upper Cut-Back Kick

#7 Abernome (think metranome but with your legs working your abs)

#8 Spider Man Squats

Basically a squat reach touch jump spin.

That's it! We don't all have time for 30+ minute daily workouts and I understand that. Before I was with Beachbody I was a firefighter working hard hours and I didn't have all the time I wanted but I made it work anyways. Sometimes you just have to make it happen if you want it bad enough.

Here are the video links so you can watch the videos for yourself as well.

Intro Video (about 4 mins)

The 10 Minute Miracle Plan with Tony Horton on Dr. Oz


If you have any questions or would like free coaching and advice on your fitness journey, please email us: melissa@monsterhomefitness.com